Are Pre-Listing Inspections Worth It?

Sellers often ask me whether or not a pre-listing inspection is worth it. The simple answer is yes. But why is that the case?

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Sellers ask me all the time whether or not pre-listing inspections are important. The answer is, undoubtedly, yes.

While you aren’t required to do them, they can be very helpful to the transaction.

By doing a pre-listing inspection and making any recommended repairs ahead of time, you are put in a better position as a seller.

Additionally, it will make buyers feel more calm in general about purchasing your property.

As another way of helping your listing, we can actually market it using our certified pre-owned program, which can earn you top dollar.
Pre-listing inspections make buyers feel more calm about purchasing your property.
A pre-listing inspection will also allow you to spread out the costs of repairs.

Instead of a one-time lump sum, you will have more freedom to disperse costs across a period of time prior to listing. This way, you won’t be in the bind of being under contract while scrambling to make necessary repairs.

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