How to Master the Psychology of Home Showings

Mastering the psychology of a home showing involves applying a few key tasks here and there.

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Here are a few tips to help you master the psychology of your home showing.

First, depersonalize and declutter. You’ve probably heard these terms before on HGTV, and for good reason.

By “depersonalize,” I mean take down things like personal pictures. You want the buyer focused on the details of your home, not the details of your personal life.

When decluttering something like a closet, take out things you’re not using at the moment. If you have a showing during the summertime, for example, take out all of your winter clothes so the closet appears bigger.

Instead of consciously thinking about the closet not being filled up, the buyer will subconsciously think that you’ve lived there for a while but still haven’t filled up the closet. Linen closets and master bedroom closets are the primary closets to pay attention to in this regard.  

You want the buyer focused on looking at your home, not on your personal life.

Lastly, focus on smells and music. It’s definitely a good idea to have some nice, quiet, soft music playing during your showings. Also, try baking some cookies or banana bread or cooking something in your crock pot to create smells that will appeal to a buyer’s senses and make them want to make your home theirs.

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Did You Know That Overpricing Can Reduce Your Home's Value?

Overpricing your home comes with a few different pitfalls. Today, I’ll be talking about three, specifically.

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Sellers, listen up: Don’t overprice your homes.

Doing so can carry a few pitfalls. If you overprice, you won’t receive multiple offers or be as competitive in today’s market. In fact, overpricing your home will eventually reduce its value.

Also, you aren’t going to get as much feedback. This is because fewer buyers will come through the door and check out the home if they see that it’s overpriced.
Overpricing your home will eventually reduce its value.
You don’t want your home to become a stale listing. Buyers have access to a lot of information and technology today, so they know better than to fall for an overpriced home.

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