What Kind of Mistakes Can Sink a Home Sale?

Avoid botching your home sale by being mindful of these common mistakes home sellers make.

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When you sell your house, there are a few major mistakes you should try to avoid.

The first is overpricing your home at the start. You have to make sure that you don’t take this process too personally. Take the information you get from a real estate professional and listen to their objective opinion on the price. I know you think fondly of your home, but overpricing it can be very detrimental to you in the long run.
Once you price your home, no matter what price point you’re at, the market will dictate where you need to price it moving forward. If you need to adjust to the market, make sure that you do so. Many sellers fall into the trap of not adjusting quickly enough based on the number of showings they have or the feedback they get.

Listen to the market, react to it quickly, and absorb all buyer
feedback objectively.
Speaking of feedback, don’t take any buyer’s opinion personally. That opinion will help you in how you market your home.

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